Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)


Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) is a parent involvement, school-readiness program that helps parents prepare their three-, four-, and five-year old children for success in school and beyond. Parents are provided with a set of carefully developed curriculum including books and materials designed to strengthen their children’s cognitive skills, early literacy skills, social/emotional and physical development.

The HIPPY program, offered by COA Youth and Family Centers in partnership with NCJW-Milwaukee Affiliate, Milwaukee Public Schools, The Parenting Network, and many other community organizations, empowers parents as primary educators of their children in the home and fosters parent involvement in school and community life.

Parents and children read, play, and learn together every day in their homes and via monthly HIPPY Family Gathering Nights and Fieldtrips.


Be a Volunteer for Family Gathering Nights

At monthly Family Gathering Nights, NCJW volunteers help children ages 3-6 (and their parents and siblings) with art and science projects and games, serve dinner, read to children, etc. It is truly a fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity.  To volunteer, contact Ruth Wallace, Robyn Eiseman, or Margie Margolies at HIPPY@ncjwmke.org

For information and to RSVP contact Margie Margolies (margie@margolies.com)

COA Goldin Center

DIRECTIONS to COA Goldin Center Via I-43 from the north, going south:

Take I-43 south and at exit 74 (the Locust exit) take the ramp right for N. 8th Street toward W. Locust Street. Turn right onto Locust. Continue on Locust about 9 blocks. Pass both 14th Street and Teutonia and then turn right onto Hopkins Street (on an angle). (While traveling west on Locust you will see a little fire station on the right at Teutonia and you will know the right turn onto Hopkins is coming up next. If you miss Hopkins, turn right on 15th Street and it will run onto Hopkins in one block.) Once on Hopkins Street you will cross Chambers Street and 18th Street and turn left onto Burleigh. Continue a few blocks on Burleigh to 2320 (the Goldin Center, on the right). At the west end of the Goldin Center building, turn right on 24th Street to enter the parking lot for the Goldin Center or the parking lots for Auer Avenue School next door to the north (or park on one of the streets). Enter the Goldin Center using the main door (on Burleigh). If while on Hopkins you miss the turn onto Burleigh and get to Auer Avenue instead, turn left on Auer and left again on 24th Street at the west end of the Auer Avenue School and park in a school lot, the Goldin Center lot, or on the street.

There is parking in the lot behind the Goldin Center (enter on 24th Street) or in the Auer Avenue school lot next door (also enter on 24th Street), or on the streets.

Enter the Goldin Center using the main door (on Burleigh).

HIPPY In The News

A Neighborhood News Service article about HIPPY includes the following youtube video they produced from interviewing a family at a Family Gathering Night.  Click here to watch the video.

Radio Milwaukee 88.9 Meet-The-Need broadcast a segment on HIPPY.  Simply click on the website below, and scroll down to the podcast to hear this 2½ minute interview with Tom Schneider (COA Executive Director) and Margie Margolies (NCJW HIPPY VP) about COA’s HIPPY program.  Click here to listen to the segment. 

COA, home to HIPPY in Milwaukee, is a nationally top-rated highly efficient organization! Charity Navigator (a national evaluator of nonprofit organizations) just rated COA Youth & Family Centers the highest-ranking nonprofit agency in the state of Wisconsin. COA has been a 4-star agency for seven consecutive years. Charity Navigator has also determined that COA is rated fourth among Children’s and Family Services agency in the entire country.  A 4-star rating indicates that COA exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its cause.


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