NCJW-MKE is partnering with Moms Demand Action to make some real change in suicide and gun violence prevention!

Governor Evers introduced an Extreme Risk Protection Order bill in Wisconsin.
We have until Thursday 9/26 to try to get support for this bill.

Here is how you can help!

If you are not sure who your state representatives are,:
• Visit
• Type in your address under “Who Are My Legislators?”

Here is a suggested script that you can use when calling. You may choose to use it or use your own words.

Hi, my name is ____________, and I am your constituent. My address is ___________. Governor Evers recently introduced an Extreme Risk Protection Order bill, and I would like you to support it.
If you want to add more, you can add:
When a person is in crisis and considering harming themselves or others, family members and law enforcement are often the first people to see the warning signs. Extreme Risk Protection Orders empower loved ones or law enforcement to intervene in order to temporarily prevent someone in crisis from accessing firearms. These laws include robust due process, which protect against 2nd Amendment infringements. Other states that have passed this type of law have seen a reduction in suicides. Extreme Risk Protection Orders can also help reduce mass shootings, because shooters in these tragedies often exhibit dangerous warning signs first. I urge you to support this bill.

If you are feeling passionate about this cause, you can phone bank to ask Moms Demand Action members in key districts to reach out to their representatives. A script is included in each link.
To call Moms Members Who Are in Alberta Darling District
To call Moms Members Who Are in Wanggaard District
• To call Moms Members Who Are in Luther Olsen District
To call Moms Members Who Are in Kooyenga District

If you have any questions at all about phone banking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to
Erin Stilp at 203-506-2862 or